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03-04-2013, 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by blagorm View Post
I will NEVER want a leader to allow people to be kicked or for the team's mind to kick people. I however WILL be fine with timed kick. With people's mind kick, it can just because they dont like each other. Therefor, i will reccomend we dont try to make teams kick but jsut a time kick.

And for AFK, make it more AFK.... Because if you are away, you dont wanan get killed. Just make it so that you cant get attacked in AFK BUT you cant do anything while in AFK and if you move 1 you get out 2 nothing happens. All depends.. with how you make the Empire ill laugh when we can use AFK even when walking (not sayiing it will but still with the past.. I see that)
Problem with an AFK timer is that you could just set yourself to auto attack and right click follow.