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10-16-2009, 10:30 PM
It is my understanding that advancement is done purely through earning and spending skill points (Aside from gaining equipment and bridge officers). If I recall correctly, we earn our skill points by way of missions. So what I am wondering is, do we gain these points while playing through missions, or is it a final reward after completing an entire mission or story arc?

Some related questions:

Do missions always award a skill point?

Do they ever reward more than one point?

If advancement is possible through PvP, then does that mean there will be repeatable PvP missions?

Is there any sort of skill cap in place, or would we eventually be able to obtain and max every skill available to us?

It has been said that Bridge Officer's skill points are in a seperate pool from the captain's points. But what about the ship? Do all the ship related skills have their own seperate pool, or will I have to gimp my captain's personal abilities if I want to get into a Sovereign as soon as possible?

In order to get into better ships, we need to invest skill points to get access to those greater ships. Is there anything like this for weaponry? Will I need to invest a lot of points into phaser pistols before I can use Phaser rifles?

Will there be any kind of "twink" possibilities among my characters? For example, if I have a high level fed character, and then create a fed alt, would I be able to 'twink' my alt by transfering powered up BOs or high end ship mods to my weaker character?