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# 1 zen escort help
03-04-2013, 02:49 PM
So im lookign towards a escort upgrade... still using mirror advanced escort.

Sicne fleet ships are still far away (2months mi to reach t3 shipyard), i gotta use up the 2.5k zen for a ship then.

Looked at the kumari class ships - but consoles werent that interesting (specially the wing cannon being phaser - and i specialize in polaron/phased polaron).

Besides the decent console slots - the boffs are utter crap.

I dont see what is there to use with 3 tactical boffs. i can barely find anything to use with 2 (and barely use half the skills available).

So charal boffs look somewhat "usable" - but console slots are wrong.
So im looking for:
4 tactical min
3 engineerign min.
1 science min.

And for boff layout :

I do not really have need for 2nd tactical, and as long as it has 1 engineer lieutenant, and 1 sci ltn the rest can be all science or engineers of any rank.

But 2nd tactical is a waste for my playstile. I do not use torpedos, dont like them (and dont tell me to use them). I dont PVP.

Im running a unusual build i currently like (yeah rebel!!! how can u do it!!!) using 4x DHC in front and 3x beam array back with rapid fire 3 and beam overload 3 (+ fire at will 1 currently) and works fine for me.

Tho the 5 front on kumari looks interesting (efficient engineer captain etc i can easily sustain near 100-125 weapon energy with 4 dhc).

Is there any opther non fleet escort thats similar (and like escorts due to the turn speed, dont like slow turning ships with bad tactical/weapon slots - else i would be in sci ships).