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03-04-2013, 02:59 PM
Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
Once again, the point as has already been raised in the post above this one is your water-tight statistical theory is a little leaky when it comes to application and there is indeed a question over whether it is entirely useful as an application in this instance.

But ignoring all that this final line of yours is what is really important, Cryptic simply wont bother to waste that amount of time and effort to get the system working right. so your solution as it is would never be considered.

Furthermore the problem is without the system actually running you will never be able to collect data on the frequency with which players were abusing the system, nor would testing it on Tribble help considering the playerbase sample size there and the demographic make-up which leans towards a lack of trolls/griefers/abusers
That simply is not true. You simply run the system for a significant amount of time to gather data. Then, once you have the data, you turn on the auto-ban system.

As for Cryptic would take the time to get it to work correctly if they chose to go that route, that amounts to speculation.