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James: Preston I think does hold grudges. But for some reason I believe he is genuine but I don't think we can as we still don't know.. Our wish to return to the ways before all of this started is impossible.. I think he is trying to give the galaxy a way to form that thing he wants.. Unity.. No division... No petty games for more power.. If anything I think he knows us better than we know ourselves. We have to change and adapt to this new world... never return to the old ways...

The Peace he wants is one that is universal and all encompassing where war is of no need, unless it is to defend ourselves. But the thing is he does not want to lose what he has gained... Not his position of power but what has been done to achieve unity..

Look at how his troops act, in a united and strong formation... With such will and conviction... Plus with these Higher beings now in the galaxy I think he knows change is coming and wants to prepare for the time when we will need to protect it.

In a sense we are fighting each other for difference in ideology an old way of thinking and a new one that makes us afraid...

I would not sue for peace just yet.. I wanna know why all we have seen the last few months *coughs and has a slight tremor*

is transports and defense networks leaving their posts and heading to a region nearby old Iconian space.
*Sam is thinking about what James said. She knows he's right. She'd been trying to break the Militaristic nature of the Republic Military for years, but she always felt that a consolidation of power in the Galaxy would lead to more division in the long run than, say, a coalition. Sam's combadge chirps.*

David *Over combadge*: Bridge to Captain Allington.

*Taps combadge*

Sam: What is it? I'm a little busy.

David *Over combadge*: Sorry, Captain. Admiral Ramez is signalling for you. He says it's urgent.

If you want, I can tell him to wait.

Sam: David.

David *Over combadge*: Yes sir.

Sam: *Sighs* Stand by. *Taps combadge. Sam walks over to Andrews as he prepares the nanites.*

Do you need me down here? I have to take a call.

Andrews: Actually, Captain, I'd prefer it if you left. We're going to need room in here if anything does go wrong.

Sam: Right.

*She walks over to James.*

I'll be back as soon as I can. Admiral Ramez is asking for me.

Good luck.

*Sam leaves the Sickbay and starts walking to her Quarters. She taps her combadge.*

Allington to bridge, route Admiral Ramez to my Quarters.

David *Over combadge*: Understood.

*T'mar runs up to her.*

T'mar: Sam!

Sam: What is it, T'mar?

T'mar: I need to talk to you, privately. Do you have a minute?

Sam: I've got to take a call with Admiral Ramez, but I'll be free after that. Come on.
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