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03-04-2013, 02:48 PM
By your own criteria, the Charal if your perfect escort.

It has:
4x eng consoles
2x science consoles
4x tact consoles

For boffs is only has 2 tact boffs in addition being able to carry both engineering and science lt boffs.

The console is probably the worse of the bunch, but hey you can just remove it. In addition please note that the the andorian ships are the only 10 console escort ships in the zen store. Unless you're going for one of the fleet ships, I really don't suggest buying any of the other zen escorts as they will simply be inferior.

Also please please consider the science version of the andorian ship. It uses a non phaser specific console that drains over 5k to each shield facing (with flow skill). It has the same boff layout as the Charal and the only difference is it switches the engineer console slots to science ones, but seeing as you'll probably have 2-3 universal slotted anyways it wont make a huge difference where they are put. You could easily run polaron on it while getting usefulness out of the console.