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10-17-2009, 02:11 AM
Originally Posted by Ziktur View Post
How will player progression be effected if a player decides to take a ship into deep, unexplored space? How will it be different from someone who would play PvP or play more around Fed Territory? Will Progression for Feds be more dependant on our actions within mission structures? Save someone, then ask to trade and might get a new tech? If one is Klingon, you could disable the ship and take the tech (partially damaged, needing common X to make it work perfectly)?

Does one have to go to the nearest Starbase to "level"? Or back to Earth? Or can we say "See Ya!" and not look back? (Well maybe come back all decked out in alien tech and abilities and kick butt in PvP!)
Those, I want to know too.

Will it be possible to own several ships?
I mean if I increase my rank and want to change my ship for instance to a Galaxy class. What about my old one? Will I have to give my old stargazer to the huge starship-graveyard, or will it be saved in a "personal storage" and if I get nostalgic I can tell my crew to take the old ship out of the garage to take a ride.

What happens when we get killed/ship gets destroyed?
It was mentioned that we wont lose the current ship and maybe startover at some spawnpoint... maybe at home base, earth...
But that effects will it have? When I get my ship back. Will it be with all the comfigurations and upgrades? Will I lose skill-points when I die?

Thanks in advance.