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*R.S.S. Republic, Sam's Quarters. T'mar is sitting on a chair opposite Sam as she's on the comm with Admiral Ramez.*

Ramez: Captain, we have new orders for you. You are to form up with the 2nd Fleet and pick 5 ships to accompany you into Beta Quadrant.

Sam: Admiral, with respect, if our orders are to investigate the asteroid collisions, I need more than 6 ships.

Ramez: Your orders aren't to investigate the holocaust, Sam. You are to proceed to the Lanco System to arrive at the earliest possible time.

Sam: Are we reactivating the Lanco III Gateway?

Ramez: No. We are planning to, but right now your mission is to investigate Lanco II.

Sam: Why?

Ramez: Because our Monitoring Station isn't responding, and the Iconian Supply Convoys have been reporting erroneous sensor readings - phantom ships.

Sam: you think they're mobilising?

Ramez: That's the assumption Command is working on.

Sam, if I could get more ships for you, I would. Command feels our energies should be focused on rebuilding our frontline with Preston's forces in the wake of the Borg-Synthesiser Assault and--

Sam: And they're too proud to admit that their need for military perfection is slightly outdated.

No offence, sir.

Ramez: None taken. You didn't say anything I hadn't already thought of myself.

If you can convince the Iconians to send any ships with you, do so, but remember; this is an intelligence-gathering mission. Do not engage the Synthesisers unless absolutely necessary.

Sam: Acknowledged. Anything else, sir?

Ramez: Yeah. Sam, Command knows you have Admiral James Allen on board. You are ordered to postpone his treatment until your return.

Sam *Angry*: WHAT?! Admiral, he has months left, AT BEST!

Ramez: I know, I tried to tell that to the Admiralty Board but they wouldn't listen. Sam, this isn't my decision.

Sam: Sir, Dr Andrews began the procedure 10 minutes ago. We can't stop now.

Ramez: Then you'll have to proceed with your orders as soon as possible.

Sam, the Board was adamant that you not wait for the treatment.

Sam: Admiral Ramez, if something goes wrong, he'll need emergency transfer to a Medical Ship.

Ramez: Then either take a Medical Ship with you, or make do with what you have. I'm sorry Captain, it's out of my hands.

Ramez, out.

*The holo-interface disengages, and T'mar looks at Sam, fury present on her face.*

T'mar: I can sense your mad.

Sam *Angry*: Your finely tuned telepathy tell you that?!

T'mar: Well... that and the fact you look ready to wring someone's neck like a sponge.

*Sam smiles before calming down.*

Sam: Sorry. Okay, what did you want to talk to me about?

T'mar: It's not important. You've got enough on your mind.

Sam: T'mar...

T'mar: *Sighs* I don't know. I've been...

I can't get Mike out of my mind.

Sam: Hawk?

T'mar: No. Michael Chester.

Sam: The former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

*T'mar gives a short, sombre nod. Sam looks at her before understanding dawns on her face.*

How long?

T'mar: Nothing ever really happened, but...

The thing about telepathy is, you can always tell how much someone--

Sam: I meant how long has this been interfering with your duties?

*T'mar's face and tone go serious.*

T'mar: It hasn't. And I resent the implication.

Sam: T'mar, David looked at you on the Bridge. He looked concerned - more concerned than a Superior Officer, or a colleague would be. You two are close friends, and I haven't seen you two speaking in the Crew Lounge. David started talking to you because he saw this interfering with your work, didn't he?

T'mar: What happens off-duty--

Sam: Dammit, T'mar, I'm not asking as your Captain! I'm asking as your sister!

T'mar: And that gives you even LESS right to ask me that!

Sam: T'mar, I know how it feels to lose someone you love! I--!



And it wasn't YOUR best friend who took the credit for his death! So don't you DARE talk to me about loss! I've lost Dad, Matt, my Great-grandparents, AND more friends than you can COUNT!

I understand what you're going through. I do. I really do. Now tell me how long this has been interfering with your duties, or I WILL make this official and I WILL relieve you of duty until you meet a Counsellor! OR you can talk to ME about it, and I give you my WORD that it will not leave this room.

*T'mar glares at her, knowing that she's serious, and more than slightly resenting her for it.*

T'mar: Fine!

Dave noticed it a week ago. I didn't even realise it until then - until he confronted me about it.

Sam: A week? Dammit, T'mar!

T'mar: WHAT THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?! You were busy with your personal little quest to prove that your PEACEFUL ideals are so much better than Command's Militaristic Doctrine!

Sam: Don't make this about me! If you were emotionally compromised, you could have asked David for reduced duty-time on emotional grounds to get back in control!

T'mar: And who would be manning my post while I was busy getting my hand held?!

Sam: Ensign Lopez is more than capable! You KNOW that! You've recommended her for promotion several times in the past year!

T'mar: Please! It's not like I hold the monopoly on burying myself in my work and pushing away everyone's attempts to comfort me!

*Sam looks at her, before nodding in defeat.*

Sam: Point taken.

T'mar, you know you can talk to me about anything. That's what sisters are for. Look, we're both tired, and we're both starting to boil over. Get some sleep.

*T'mar nods and walks out.*

*Sam's tone is now annoyed.*

Allington to Santiago!

David *Over comm*: Santiago here.

Sam *Annoyed*: Commander, report to my Quarters.

David *Over comm*: I'll be there in 5. I just need to--

Sam *Annoyed*: NOW Commander. Commander Saph can take your post.

David *Over comm*: On my way.

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