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Originally Posted by aftulus View Post
In fact I'll put what I did to figure my stats out. People can tell me if I did that correctly...
I don't know what formulas you're using, nor am I sure what exactly your stats are based on the numbers you're posting. What I can tell you is that my Ship Power Calculator (click on He-Man in my signature) has all formula and values included. All you have to do is plug in what you have and at what level, and it'll show you the results. Have you given that a try?

BTW, as for rounding, STO only rounds on the display. In other words, when it comes to the background math that STO uses calculating results, it uses the actual value (to an unknown decimal point), but it (nearly) always rounds down for the sake of the UI.

So for example (with made up numbers), if you have weapons set to 100, but have +18.95 worth of combined bonus power (from whatever sources), you're UI will only display 118. However, even though both would only show 118, a +18.95 is still better that +18.25, and would be visible in the weapon UI as a slightly higher damage amount (by a couple of points).

That's why in my Calc, I show you (in the blue boxes) what the UI will display, but also the actual Raw Power Gains (in the orange) so you can see the "actual" differences.

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