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Originally Posted by qinnux View Post
having hard time finding any real info about subscribing and later unsubscribing.
The features matrix provides little info.

For example:
im VA (lv 50) - will i gain all the "levelup" bonuses like respec tokens and boff slots for the lvl 50 va or is it pointless to get the gold subscription now at this point?

I know the EC limit increases and stays even after unsubscribing - but how do the accoutn bank, extended inventory and bank work? will they "decrease" and leaving my items to some sort of withdraw only page or such?

Im unsure if it is worth getting the gold sub anymroe at this point ( and i am not plannign to level another char due to lots of char bound stuff like reputation, assigment exp levels and accolades).

Also it unlocks 8 foundry slots - what if my subcription expires - will i lose acces to my foundry projects?
basically, any character you leveled up during the time you were Gold gets to keep any bank slots/ships, etc. that you earned on that character while you were Gold.

If you go back to Silver, and then create another character, that new character will get the Silver level of Bank slots, etc.

And as others have stated, if you go Silver, you get the EC cap re-imposed across all your characters. If you have an amount of EC above the cap at that point, my understanding is you don't loose it per se; but you won't be able to acquire more EC until it drops below the cap amount; or you buy the EC Cap upgrade from the C-Store (or go Gold again).
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