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I've been playing with the Romulan torpedo for a while, and it's definitely an improvement over other torpedoes for many reasons. In terms of DPS, it might be really too much though.

First off, i've been using it on two characters with various various skill points in torpedoes, but on no char without any torp skill.

So, the mechanics of this torpedo that may cause some imbalance:

- When you use torpedo spread, it will fire an impressive number of torps. When one of the target is destroyed, none of the torp is wasted, it will be heading towards a new target. So, when you have one battleship with 3 frigates, if frigates are destroyed with scatter volley, then the battleship will likely get blown up in a matter of seconds, thanks to the 20 torps heading to it.

- When you use this torpedo and 3 projectile weapon officers, it's a continous flow of torpedoes. Seriously, it never ends and your ship won't stop making torps. No NPC can whistand such an amount of kinetic damage and plasma burns. It allowed me to kill a no win scenario dreadnought with my sci char on a mobius in less than 30 seconds. And i can destroy an elite cube in less than 15 seconds with my kdf tac char and a torp HY III with most of my buffs activated.

If you combine the two methods, it will likely make any space fleet action, where you have a lot of NPCs, a joke anyone can complete well ahead of time. I've been getting timers i've never had before with such tricks. And of course, when there's a gravity well then no spawn can resist more than a few seconds, whatever NPCs you have in it.

Although it's been fun for some time, I really think this torpedo + 3 torp doffs is mandatory for PvE now. It's just... Too much. While I could use it for myself and be happy with that, I think this is the kind of thing that shouldn't be happening since pathetic NPCs get even more pathetic with that.

I'll try to provide some data soon to prove my point.