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First, most if not all of the BO's do not apply to the Romulan torpedo. It even says it in the bo's details. This also seems to apply to the OMEGA torpedo as well.

Second, unless the target is stationary and shield-less, they are ineffective. Yes they can hurt shields, but not as effectively as other torpedoes.

Having played with both sets extensively on 3 toons, there are good and bad aspects to the torpedoes, but I don't believe they are overwhelming or OP. The set bonuses are excellent, and overall they are great siege weapons. However for PvP and PvE ship to ship, the numbers they claim to do do no reflect real world usage.

In general:

  1. They re-target if the primary is destroyed.
  2. Once locked onto a target, you no longer have to maintain the arc to continue firing from the same volley. Great for Cruisers doing broadsides.
  3. Great kinetic damage on shield-less targets.
  4. AWESOME damage against stationary targets without shields.
  5. Nice 'sticky' hull damage.
  6. Romulan: HY and HY with the Reman speed boost is acceptable.
  7. Omega: TS excellent AOE attack, great against everything. HY Nasty.

  1. There is no control on re-targeting. Can be problematic in STF's where timing is important.
  2. Against a moving target: Slow. So slow that most never reach their targets before the target(s) are destroyed. A comparison of the same tank, using Hyper-plasma or Quantums torpedoes across 10 ISE STF's show that the Quantums hit their targets 40% more than plasma torpedoes do. This is due to other weapons superseding the plasma torps arrival.
  3. Terrible shield damage.
  4. Romulan: TS practically useless, again due to speed. Looks great, but very iffy damage due to shield issues.

Summary: I use the Romulan Torp exclusively in HY mode only with the Reman speed boost, and for the 'plasma flux' bonus it generates for the set (experimental array lance damage).

OMEGA is used only as a rear firing mob dispersal, or HY. I have recently dropped it for annother plasma array as I only use the 2nd passive from the OMEGA set.

My Two Bits

Admiral Thrax

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