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03-04-2013, 05:05 PM
I was right about to say that you obviously didn't run a parser through it. My repeated tests show it to not be useful (in PvE/STFs).

I suppose it's different with you in a Mobius, but I'm in a JHEC and the three DHCs far, far out damage the Rom Hyper-Plasma torp.

My torps almost never go off on ships, only Negh'vars survive long enough for the torps to hit. Works fine on cubes and Gateways. Torp Spread is also annoying, since you only get 2 per ship, and again my CSV destroys entire groups before the torpedoes even fire, so I end up with 2 on the one survivor, costing myself a torpedo.

In fact, just parsing against the starting tac cube in KSE (which obviously should survive our cannons, and will generally have its shields down while we blast at it) the Hyper-Plasma torps still do less DPS than each individual DHC. (Using AB3, HY3, and CSV1. Yes, High Yield 3, on a single stationary target stripped of its shields, still doesn't do as much as my plasma DHCs with CSV1.)

...also it sets me on fire when the Raptor I'm shooting at flies over me.

If I wasn't using it for the 2-piece plasma damage boost, I wouldn't be using it at all.

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