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03-04-2013, 05:35 PM
I'm not really talking about STFs, just about two situations, where you have a lot of NPCs. This is why I mention the no win scenario specifically. And battleships+ level NPCs, where the torp is clearly superior to any torp. If it hits shields then you might have a problem with your build, because no NPC should have shields when the romulan torp reaches mobs.

Of course, having a gravity well (on a mobius, you can do that and don't need more heal anyway) will help a lot but it's not mandatory. I've just had results I shouldn't be allowed to have against targets I know well. My previous records were 9.30' left on an infected space elite, and 9.20 minutes left on cure space elite. Both records have been beaten since I'm using this build with heavy torps or spread + 3 projectile weapon officers, with teammates i know well. Of course it's even quicker if everyone uses that. No NPC can withsand that because it's very likely there's no more shields in the first 15 seconds, no matter what the NPC is, even an elite dreadnought.

I bet you've been thinking i've not used a parser because you've not been using 3 PWO doffs.

Again you will notice how insane it is in a no win scenario situation and with battleships/dreads/boss fights, just because there are many NPCs at the same time there and you can make a good use of a romulan plasma torpedo spread II or III, or just because the big NPCs are just brainless and powerless huge stacks of HP.

The only NPCs having counters are gorn with aceton assimilator, and to some extent, the queen in hive onslaught, even though her counter is, to say the least rather episodic. All other NPCs will be sent to oblivion in record times if you're using the torp right.

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