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03-04-2013, 06:45 PM
Originally Posted by walkincrow View Post
The re-token for species or career's definitely needs to be implemented. I remember talk of the re-trait token coming before the end of 2012, but I guess things change.
Yes, definitely need tokens to change career and species.

Originally Posted by mozoha View Post
My Klingons need some shoes that don't look like motocross boots with a horn sticking out the toe. For the love of Orion females give me some boot options. Please Star Trek Gods and PW over-lords give me some footwear options for my Orion Captain.
Yes, we're long overdue for a ton of KDF clothing options with thigh boots for my Orion ladies and some decent hairstyles - am really sick of dreadlocks. Opening up uniform types across KDF species would help a lot with expanding the options as well. Would like to see the KDF's Korath uniform from the lobi store added in a bundle as well.

Originally Posted by wolfgar2 View Post
Buy Fleet Marks, as alot of players don't want to be forced to spent their limited time in Fleet events were the rewards are a joke even when you are lucky enough to get on the bonus Fleet Mark Event.
Definitely yes! That's a great idea!

My other wish list item is that since the Klingon ship roster needs some serious expansion, I'd like to see a Heg'ta/Haj' Heavy BoP three pack available. I would definitely spring some cash for that, provided they are not overly gimped and come with some decent stats for a change.

As a side note for Cryptic/PW, I'm not interested in fleet/lobi type items/ships since they are not account wide unlocks and cannot be retrieved if dismissed without buying them again. It's C-Store or nothing for this player.