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*David enters Sam's Quarters after 2 minutes. Sam is looking out the window, hands behind her back. David's only seen her acting like this once - when she reprimanded Matt for insubordination after he refused to allow her to take the ship into a nebula in pursuit of an Orion Raider.

David knew that this only meant one thing - he's dead.*

David: You asked to see me, sir?

Sam *Annoyed*: I'd like an explanation, and it Damn well better be good.

*Unusually formal? That settles it. David's worse than dead - he's toast.*

David: Sir?

Sam *Annoyed*: T'mar just left, after telling me that you've known she's been emotionally compromised for a week now.

Is that true?

David: Yes sir.

*Sam turns around, her face saying one thing: "I am not happy. I am trying very hard to burn your face off right now."*

Sam *Annoyed*: 'Yes sir'?

And you didn't tell me this, correct?

David: Yes sir.

Sam *Annoyed*: There it is again - 'yes sir.'

I'd appreciate an explanation, or to save time, should I just have you thrown in the Brig fo misconduct?

David: Permission to speak freely?

Sam *Annoyed*: Granted.

David: You are the Captain. Your responsibilities are to the ship and the command of any mission we embark upon.

My responsibilities are more complex. Following your orders is secondary to safeguarding your life, and the lives of the crew. The crew is my first and foremost priority. We don't have a Counsellor onboard so I have to fill in the emotional support role as well.

Lieutenant T'mar needed emotional support, and I have been offering it. And, with respect sir, it is none of your concern.

Sam *Annoyed*: When it interferes with the operation of this ship, it becomes my concern!

David: T'mar did have an emotional breakdown of sorts on the bridge that made me aware of the situation, but since that initial incident, she has given me no reason to believe that she's compromised too far to perform her duties. If she had, I would have relieved her of duty.

Sam *Annoyed*: Would you? I'm fully aware that you two have been spending time together - more time than one would expect between Senior and Junior Officers.

David: With respect sir, T'mar and myself were friends long before you promoted me to Lieutenant Commander, and I seem to distinctly remember you having similar discussions to mine with T'mar, with a young Ensign Santiago 10 years ago, when he was injured in the line of duty and was shell-shocked by the experience.

Sam *Annoyed*: Commander, we are NOT discussing Counselling techniques! You withheld information that could have affected the operation of this Vessel!

David: Sir, maybe you should check the log! I relieved T'mar of duty for 2 days after that initial breakdown, and have had her on psychiatric observation ever since! If her emotional state was interfering with her duties, I wasn't informed.

Sam *Annoyed*: That will be all, Commander.

David: Sir?

Sam *Annoyed*: Expect to hear from me soon. I still have to decide if I'm going to put you on report, reprimand you, or take disciplinary action.

David: Yes sir.

Sam *Annoyed*: Dismissed!

*David walks out. As the door closes behind him, Sam falls into the couch before rubbing her face, exhausted.*

OOC: Okay, if anyone wants to take over one of the ship's Doctors or maybe use one of their existing characters to talk to Sam here, go ahead. I'm going to bed. Be back at 16:00 UTC (16 Hours).

P.S. Like what I did with Sam here, or dislike?
OOC: Reminds me of a more ballsy Janeway.. With a bit of Sisko.

I am gonna take over the procedure as I usually take the unsavory bits..

*The Procedure has started... The doctors are forced to rush it as they have no time... Miranda is confused.. and angry..*

Miranda: Damn idiots... Are they trying to kill him? We don't have time to rush off like this..

Doctor Mamora: I know you frustrations Doctor but we have to make sure this doesn't go wrong...

Doctor Zuniga take the moniter...

*The procedure is running and working for a time. *

*One of the attendants soon taps a few controls as strange nanites encompassed in some kind of gas into James' body... Making him convulse... and cough...*

Miranda: Doctor is he supposed to do that?

Mamora: **** he is going into some kind of shock... Whatever is in his system is freezing the virus but causing the Omega and its gas to flood the chamber... I cannot identify the substance...

Miranda: Damn... *She rushes to the door and forces it as most of the attendants evacuate... Except the Saboteur.. It removes its mask and changes its form into its blank and hideous form.. Sharp teeth..*

What the hell...

*As it lunges at her she takes a scapel and rams it into its neck and it falls over dead..*

*She gets up and can feel hr conciousness grow and James' as the gas grows more concentrated.. She grows weaker but she sees two tall children.. eyes deep metallic blue... A peaceful world and their power...*

What am I seeing...

*She barely reaches the emergency atmosphere cleanser to vent the gas... It starts clearing out the gas but they need to remove the nanites as the doctors rush the table and her... *

Mamora: Captain we had an intruder in the operation theater and a act of saboteur... The Admiral has rogue Nanites that we are clearing out.. but Miranda was exposed to what ever this substance this was.. It is organic but not a bacteria, virus, or protists I have seen.. This thing is accelerating the pregnancy and their Omega distributors... We need you down here... now..