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*The Phantom nears the completion of its upgrades*

Voporak: So, Admiral, am I ever going to get to know what kind of stupidly dangerous mission I'm being sent on? Or do you just need me to bust up a few pesky comets that are blocking the view? As long as I get to do something this time, I'm happy.
Dorman: When your ship is finished... As of right now your vessel is only 35 percent finished...

Your mission is to investigate the area in the beta quadrant with many Meteors nearby..

*Dorman feels the power growing in his mind from elsewhere.. Tremendous power...*

Dorman: *Clutches his head and starts feeling faint*

*Across the galaxy Near the massive superstructure.. Angel Halo Preston, Gyunei, and Kela all start feeling the same effects *

Preston: *Smirks* Sooner than I would have expected... *Cringes*

*The Veil*

*Allen's essence feels something coming... something he expected..*

*OOC: If someone would take over Q that would be great..*

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