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Jacob sits in his quarters trying to get a little rest. When his terminal beeps. He gets out of bed slowly. And walks over to it.

Jacob: yes.

Officer : sir we got a file from Colorado. It appears it was sent after he died.

Jacob: send it to my quarters.

Jacob sits down taking a glass of tea. And watch's the video play. In it it has all the information Colorado had gathered over the years a large amount about his info on the empire now republic.

Jacob: you where good old friend you where good.

Jacob: computer raise Mr Preston. I believe it is time we pay him a visit. Also prepare to send all these files to the delta quadrant bases if this ship is so much as fired upon.

Computer: channel open.

Jacob: Mr Preston. I believe you already know who I am. So I will give you a choice. Accept a cease fire or all these files will be sent to every power in the galaxy. I will await your reply. Admiral Jacob out.
*Jacob soon find himself in a place that he doesn't know.. Blank... The feeling of calm there..*

*James stands before him as he did before being infected...*

James: You don't want to do that Jacob...