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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I bet you've been thinking i've not used a parser because you've not been using 3 PWO doffs.
No, I have. I've got 4 VRs from DOffing, and I did try it (because I was going with Plasma).

On an escort layout (3 DHCs + Torps) it does not do as well. The DHCs will destroy most targets before the torps get to them. Against 3 Negh'vars in CSE, the Rom torps only land once (3 torps on one target) before they die from DHCs with CSV1 + APB3.

The difference again is the ship. You're talking about a Sci torp boat, I'm saying that on a standard escort layout DHC/Torp layout it's strictly inferior to other torpedoes.

Heck, even two quantum torps with the 3 DOffs will give you a constant stream of better torpedoes that don't get shot down and won't blow up from your first victim's warp core beach.

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