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03-04-2013, 08:40 PM
Originally Posted by qinnux View Post
just wondering... where does the EC go to or what ever resources are paid?
To whos pocket and whos use... considering for a t5 fleet a great number of players have contributed - or do they just get ripped off and all the profits benefit the top elite?
Since fleet itself has nearly no use for EC (provisions and such cost a minute fraction of EC, rest cant be purchased for EC).
Simple. It goes into my pockets. Given that there are only two of us who got there in the first place. That money is in turn reinvested in such fine things as lockbox ships, DOFFs to feed the station, other things to the feed the station, a money bin, a blinged out gold limo. Not gold played, /entirely/ made of gold actually.

Which is to say: We bumrushed T5 military as a tiny fleet for the explicit purpose of lining our pockets with EC while we could. There are no broken backs of countless poor lower level peons. There is only me, my fleetmate, and a few friends with a character or two who never really contributed to the fleet and were only in to get a goody or just to be in SOME fleet.