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03-04-2013, 09:38 PM
add a extra special includes skill to cruisers that redirects power from weapons to increase the turn rate - this way you dont have fast turnign dps tanks. You lose damage to turn your ship around faster - what ever tech they use for it (side facing ion boosters? + inertial dampeners).

Should have low cooldown with infinite duration that you can cancel, however the longer it runs, the mroe it "strains" the ship systems, therefor debuffing you with energy penalties to other systems, mainly weapons for a certain time.
The penalty time would constantly increase.. lets say 1:2 ration (1sec penalty per 2 sec of turn ratio usage after cancelling the skill) and the penalty amount would get a increase for every 3 sec (like -10 power levels).
Including the initial power draw that redirects power from weapon subsystem. Also need ot be careful not to overdrain your warp core(and keep turn rate skill on until all ur power levels are 0 for 30 sec -_-).