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Originally Posted by warbird001 View Post
I just cannot see a way for Cryptic to make this game any less of a joke then it has become. The best escort in the game is undeniably the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship which possess stats that are vastly superior to any other escort. As a result, PvP has become flooded with the ships and has suffered due to the fact that a lockbox or some Fleet ships are somewhat a nessacity now in PvP rather then an option.

In my opinion, the lockboxes have essentially gutted the game for sheer profit. Cryptic have sunk to the point where they will sell any ship regardless of canon standing for profit. This has to stop because if it doesn't, Cryptic will very soon run out of ships that they can exploit.
While I empathize with you OP, the fact remains that Cryptic/PWE need to pay for their staff and game, while maintaining the current F2P model. Free To Play doesn't actually mean the game is free. Players still have to financially support the game, but in a non-traditional, micro-transaction manner.

Lockboxes, as much as I absolutely hate them, are a great method for driving voluntary sales. While most Lockbox ship owners and collectors won't admit this, it costs a considerable amount of money to buy those ships, whether through "random" unlocks (including Lobi crystals), or the Exchange. These hard core type of players do this regularly. This is exactly what the F2P model relies on and these are the players being targeted.

Unfortunately, this model also requires ever more incentives to drive those sales and that is where some imbalance has crept into the game. Rather than just offer a new ship model with averaged stats, some ships have been given enhanced stats as an incentive to purchase. This has also become true of some C-Store ships with strong consoles and Fleet ships which require C-Store modules in return for better shield and hull. Once you start selling dragons, its hard to convince people that a mere horse is not a step down.

In all honestly, however, the only area where one player has a potential "advantage" over another in one of these ships is in PVP. In case you hadn't noticed, STO PVP has been the province of hard-core Min/Max players for years. If a casual player enters that realm without a kitted ship , a well trained crew and the right character skill spec, they should expect to be so much fodder for the regulars.

I personally turned my back on STO's broken PVP model years ago. The only time I will partake now is if the Fleet is desperate for a warm body. I recommend this same avoidance of STO's flawed PVP to any casual player not willing to secure the required premium gear and training.

In any other aspect of this game, non-Lockbox players are not disadvantaged by any of the equipment, or models that have been introduced. In fact, those Lockbox and C-Store sales have materially benefitted the non-Lockbox players by making the game free for their use.

I can live with that. Considering it is inlikely to change in the foreseeable future, perhaps, you should simply learn to adapt as well.