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03-04-2013, 10:41 PM
Originally Posted by aftulus View Post
Quartermaster BAtter varian (space)

Does the stated 100% reduction in the above space skill mean I can use red matter capacitor as much as I want?
I didn't even know such a Quartermaster existed. I thought to buy one to test out, but the cheapest was a Common (-50% CD Rate) KDF officer for 500k. Cheapest Fed was Uncommon (-65%) for 1.43M. There was a Rare (-80%) Fed for 14M, and the least expensive VR (-100%) was KDF for >61M and Fed 74M.

I can't say if it works on the RMC or not, and at those price, I won't be purchasing to test. If you happen to find out, let me know. Heh.

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