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03-04-2013, 10:56 PM
Looking for PvP or PvE setup? The M?bius is fairly unique in that you can make it very functional for either with 1 weapons swap and a Boff swap.

The chroniton beam bank is from the lobi store, and is part of the temporal warfare set. And yes, the set is eminently worth it. If you have the EC to dump, grab a wells class for the tipler console.

For a good default setup, head to the PvP help and build thread in the PvP forums and follow the link in the first post. To modify it for PvE I take out one front DHC and put in a chroniton torp launcher and switch one of the Boffs to torp focused abilities. Routinely top DPS in eSTF PUGs and usually neck-in-neck on fleet teams with the FTERs. and Kumaris. Never failed me in SB24 either for that matter.