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Originally Posted by akpa View Post
i allways wanted to try something like that.
i think the astrox whould work pretty well too.
for this build could work an engineer officer too i think. Aceton Beam is pretty awesome.
don't forget to select the ability from reputation that make your target unable to atack you for 2 sec.
Aceton beam is pretty cool, but the problem is that you reduce your power draining abilities by a TON if you put an engi in the universal commander station.

Originally Posted by intrepid74656 View Post
Could you update your build on STO-Academy? The site has changed some things and your build is not showing up properly.

And from what I read it sounds like a viable "vampire" build, would you recommend to use something similar when flying an Intrepid (LRSV-R)?

See if these work. The actual gear on the ship is what I want eventually, but the BOFF powers are what I have currently (although, I will admit, I did get very mixed up with my armors.) As for making this an intrepid build?? I haven't flown a LRSV-R, but I think this build would work better with a carrier. Why? Because my job as the mother ship is to weaken my enemies. Sure, I do some damage, but my fighters are the ones who do most of the work. I honestly don't know how well this build would work with a LRSV-R. You can try it, but I make no guarantees of success.

Reclusive Vamp

Reclusive Pyro Vamp

They Pyro vamp is an experiment I want to try one day.... if I can put more than one experimental rommie plasma beam array on my ship (and last I checked, I thought you could.)
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