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03-05-2013, 12:14 AM
I can deal with miss aligned textures/hulls, what I cant deal with, now especially with each new ship added, is that weapon hardpoints are garbage on the older ships compared to ones released in the last couple months.

Jump into a sovereign, luna, galaxy, ect loaded with beams in the aft, they will all fire from only one point, on the very aft, cutting through your own nacelles, and beams on the fore fire from 3 very close points along a WIDE phaser array, and alot of ships have a dedicated aft array on the saucer, but is not used.. And dont get me started on the Oddy, firing only from the very tip of the nacelle.

Now jump into a vesta, it will fire aft beams from all along the secondary hull and from the pylons. And the ambassador is beautifully done, it uses the aft saucer arrays, the belly bank, and the pylons.. (my only grip is dual beams dont look right, they should fire from the array, not the edge of the saucer..) And even the bloated Chimera looks gorgeous as a beam boat.

And would it kill you to make beams a tad thinner at the point of fire? Shuttles fire beams thicker than the entire ship itself, and my intrepid looks like its firing beams meant to be mounted on a starbase...

/end rant