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03-05-2013, 02:54 AM
Originally Posted by darkjeff View Post
Heck, even two quantum torps with the 3 DOffs will give you a constant stream of better torpedoes that don't get shot down and won't blow up from your first victim's warp core beach.
I underlined the issue in your post. I'm talking about one romulan torpedo. It's really more effective than a quantum torp in terms of DPS, in the situations I mentionned (a lot of NPCs/ battleship+ NPCs).

I've been getting better results with a romulan torp on my tac/krenn destroyer or with my sci/mobius. The quantum torp is fine but this one clearly out-dps it. Of course, there are many counters players can use, and this is why i didn't post it in the PvP subforums, but most NPCs have almost no counters to that. Except the gorn, but i've told it earlier.