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03-05-2013, 04:08 AM
Another thing i would love to see would be a Fleet Mirror universe Pack, a unlock to get access the mirror universe counterpart of a fleet ship when at the ship tailor.
This could work like this, once someone buys a shippack like this, he gets a additional switch at the ship tailor to switch between the ship parts of the prime universe ship and the mirror universe ship parts. Both are of course not interchangeable.

Cryptic could sell different versions of this, like a Cruiser, Science and Escorts pack.

For example when buying the Cruiser pack, one gets a option between using Mirror Assault Cruiser ship (prime universe star cruiser) parts for his Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit ship. When using a Fleet Star Cruiser the person gets acess to the mirror universe Star Cruiser (prime universe Assault Cruiser) ship parts. The same for Escorts and Science ships.

Basicly the same thing as we already got with the mirror universe lockbox ships.

Since i really like to fly my Mirror Assault Cruiser i wish i could get the same skin/ship model for my Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit.

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