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03-05-2013, 03:12 AM
Originally Posted by darkkindness2 View Post
However, the available evidence from the game files, as presented above, along with extensive effort that Cryptic is going to to hide/hype information about this release, seems to point to playable Romulans of some sort, whether as a faction or as members of the current factions.
Of course!

You know why? because they're redesigning the character creator, and since we all know that Romulans will be playable at some point (I've never said it wouldn't happen), it would be a waste of time to be forced to redesign the character creator in a year or so "if and when" a new faction is released.

The whole point of this thread isn't to say that they aren't working on it in any way, it's rather to say that it's not going to happen in may. The character creator only proves one point: they're planning to add a Romulan faction, but the evidence i've gathered in the OP just means it's not going to happen any time soon.

Having boffs and icons doesn't mean it's ready. It just means it will happen. The major question is when, and i really think that designers have no time to develop a new factions when they have so much content to release in 3 months. Character artists might of course have too much time on their hands and do some preliminary work.