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03-05-2013, 03:24 AM
Originally Posted by thegalaxy31 View Post
Is everyone really that sure that there is not going to be a Romulan Faction?

The first pic of it said,"March Beneath the Raptor's Wings?" with a pic of the Romulan Symbol and Romulan letting.

The second says "Our shadow will dim the stars." With a lot of Romulan Ships on screen.

In Ask Cryptic: February 2013:
Q: (carcharodon1975) ?Beneath the Raptor?s Wings? has set people?s hope high on getting a playable Romulan faction in May. My question is? are we getting a playable Romulan faction in May?

Dstahl: We are not ready to begin discussing the details of what is in our May update, however the reference definitely suggests that it is related to Romulans in some way. We will share more news about the update and give a clearer response to your question as we get closer to May.

Q: (nometa) Will we be able to get a Romulan Warbird or a D?deridex class now that we?re helping the Romulans on New Romulus?

Dstahl: We discussed this opportunity when we were developing Season 7, however we decided that player interest in a Romulan faction is so high that we need to reserve these ships for a future update when we can implement a playable Romulan faction. So until then, these ships will be off limits to the Romulan Reputation System!


Also they haven't denied it!

So it seems like a Romulan Faction to me, or a really bad joke lol.