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Originally Posted by sabremeister1 View Post

The bug ship (aka Jem'Hadar attack ship) is a super glass-cannon.
Not, it's not (I actually have one and use it).

Put Borg Engines and Borg Deflector on it and you have that healing proc. Combined with the abilities of my engineering toon and my boff layout I'm practically invincible in a 1v1 fight. It's when the entire team gangs up on me that I have issues.

The 2-piece Borg bonus, cutting beam, Assimilated console, and Romulan Zero point console make it highly effective (the Mk XII Jem'Hadar shields also provide a resistance bonus to crew) I don't have a need any science consoles. Combined with 4x Polaron dual heavy cannons each with ACCx2 and the only reason one looses is because one did something stupid.
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