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03-05-2013, 06:04 AM
As a result, the Federation and Klingon sides have become virtually indistinguishable from each other, taking away the uniqueness of both factions. Unfortunatly, the leaking of consoles of each vessel from the "other side" via the lockbox has not helped this issue either.
Lockbox ships are still a rare sight and have become more so after 10-consoel Fleet ships have been released. In a lot of cases they're getting outclassed by Fleet and C-Store ships, they're expensive and only character-wide unlocks. Sure there is a bit of a rise in lockbox ship sightings whenever a new lockbox comes out, but that has always ebbed down after a while.

You barely see Krenns, D'Koras, Galors or Weavers pop up in STFs or Fleet actions anymore.