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Hi there

On my mobius i have 3 fleet polaron dual heavy cannons but on stfs i have noticed the power drops and im not doing alot of damage, but would dual cannons even though alot less power be better because they would use less energy? Is tetryon a good choice? I used it a while ago on my mobius and done alot of damage to shields and hull and wondered if its worth havin fleet ones? I heard disruptors are better are they?
Well... all right. If you're flying an Escort, your weapon power should start at 125 (the current maximum displayed value) through your captain skills and power settings. That's a good start to keeping your power up - I tend to run a Kumari with the Wing Cannons and 3x DHCs in front, and my power rarely dips below 100.

Dual Heavies are actually usually preferred for power management. The way that weapon power works is that the number in the tooltip is subtracted while the weapon is firing, and then immediately restored when the weapon finishes its firing cycle. DHCs have a short firing cycle at fairly long intervals, so you have more of your power available most of the time. DCs have a longer firing cycle at shorter intervals, so keep your power slightly more tied up. The biggest difference between DCs and DHCs, though, is number of shots per firing cycle - the DCs have more shots in each firing cycle, so they have more chances to crit, proc abilities, and things like that. The DHCs have fewer, harder hitting shots per firing cycle, so they benefit more from things like Cannon Rapid Fire, Cannon Scatter Volley, and a higher crit chance. In the end, it basically boils down to personal choice/build dependence when deciding between DCs and DHCs, since they do the same DPS in slightly different ways.

Polarons can be good in a dedicated power drain build, but most Escorts don't have the BOff slots to make one of those work. Tetryons are practically useless in STFs - most of the things that you're shooting at are unshielded to start with, and those that are shielded either have weak shields or have the whole team working to bring the shields down, rendering the Tetryon bonus damage to shields completely worthless most of the time. Disruptors are good for their -resistance proc, which helps damage from your whole team, and Antiprotons are good for their innate crit severity bonus, which is more reliable than the 2.5% proc on most weapon types.
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