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I fly a MVAE with Polarised Disruptors which may be a good option for you since you use Polarons now. Two procs for the price of 1, and since Disruptors have the damage resistance debuff your team will love you
The problem with the dual-type weapons is that they give up one of their modifiers for the additional proc. I, and I think almost everyone else with a strong opinion on the matter, would rather have another [Acc], [CrtH], or [CrtD] that's always on than a second proc that only has a 2.5% chance of occurring. Just to be clear, a Very Rare Disruptor might have [Acc] x3, but a Very Rare Polarized Disruptor will never be able to have that - it can only have up to [Acc] x2, because it gives up a modifier for the second proc.
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IDIC fail.