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03-05-2013, 06:35 AM
TOS did make a lot of statements about Racism, War, Feminism, the Hippy Flower Power movement or whatever the hell that was called, but it also had a lot of material that was complete nonsense. It took a couple of seasons before TNG finally started to come into its own, when it first came out, I loved the ship, but wished fervently that they would kill off the entire bridge crew, but one thing was always consistent, some of the stories were rubbish and it's science was so full of holes it wasn't even funny. Pseudoscience is not science, it's technobabble.
I'll thank Gene Roddenberry for bringing us Trek but I'm not going to give him a sainthood, he was just another Hollywood type and a lot of his ideas were complete crap.
I enjoyed the Abrams film, but some of the things done in it made it seem like something other than Trek. the new warp sequence although cool looking does not loo like Trek, it looks like Star Wars, the location shooting for most of the parts of the ship looked terrible, they could have green screened with CG sets if they couldn't afford to build them rather than shooting in a brewery and the destruction of Vulcan, one of the most significant races in the entire franchise was overkill, but the movie in general did not have any flaws that were so serious as to make the the film not part of Star Trek. There were a few films in the franchise that were far worse.