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I agree with this mostly, but as the OP noticed this in stf (making the assumption this is their main focus and reason for asking) [Acc]x2 still isn't to be sniffed at for lots of stationary/very slow moving targets. There is always a cost factor in this too. Mk XI Polarized Disruptor DHC with [Acc]x2 cost 1.4mil on the exchange, if you want an [Acc]x3 Disruptor you're paying 5 times as much. Fair enough the OP might be able to afford that for an entire ship but I know I couldn't drop tens of millions of EC including turrets at the drop of a hat
Right, I was just using [Acc] to illustrate the point that the dual-type weapons only have two modifiers. There are any number of modifier combinations that are more desirable than the second proc, in my opinion.
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IDIC fail.