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Originally Posted by darkkindness2 View Post
Right, I was just using [Acc] to illustrate the point that the dual-type weapons only have two modifiers. There are any number of modifier combinations that are more desirable than the second proc, in my opinion.
Absolutely agree. I don't use a power drain build myself (something to consider if you're on Polarons and not doing so already as someone else posted) but just can't afford 40/50mil plus of upgrades so I stick to the hybrids. My main thing was the damage resist debuff, and if I get a power drop it would be a nice bonus.

I should point out I also fly a Mobius, which was my main STF beat the hell out of people ship but I fly it more for fun now with the Chroniton DBB/BO3 combo to still get some high DPS and AP cannons/Chroniton torps. It doesn't do as much DPS as my pure AP power build but I can get away with the off STF in it.

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