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Suggestion 9

The thrill of exploration comes, not just from what you might find, but also from what might find you. The exploration zones, as they are now, don't have much in the way of atmosphere; there's no tension, and no sense of danger. Going exploring should be exciting and a little bit scary.

I would suggest firstly that they be made darker, cloudier, and creepier places. Areas of space that have not been fully explored because people generally prefer to go around them; rather than risk getting lost or ambushed in a dense nebula hardly anyone ever visits. This would particularly make sense for exploration areas close to the main factions core territories; it's hard to rationalize there being a big patch of unexplored space right next door to Sol.

I would also suggest that effects be added to add to the atmosphere. Intermittent sensor contacts, strange signals, ghost ships, etc. Very occasionally, there should even be attacks; with enemy ships, or strange space critters, coming out of the fog to pursue us. Perhaps make it possible to lose the pursuers in the fog (if you are quick), so that a fight is not inevitable.

More atmosphere would also be desirable on the planets (so to speak). LV-426 was a pretty boring pile of rocks if you think about it; but the howling winds, the storms, and the dull grey light, added quite a bit of tension to the Nostromo's visit (OK, an alien spider with abandonment issues helped a bit, but...). Not saying that all the atmosphere should be bad, scary, tense, atmosphere; but a little wouldn't hurt. A few exploration worlds which require environment suits might add a little something too.
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