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Jacob sits at his desk and taps a few consoles as a portion of the wall moves back as his newest and latest suit comes into view. Its is sleek streamlined and advanced. He gets up and walks over to it. Sarah walks in.

Sarah: what are you doing?

Jacob: I need to go sarah.

Sarah: go where

Jacob: im not that stupid if i tell you you will foloow.I cant let that happen.

Sarah: why not. Jacob what is going on

Jacob stepps behind the suit as it starts to form around him as he steps down in the suit as it finishs forming around him.

Jacob: im sorry sarah. take care of the ship.

before she can say a word he is gone.

Jacob reappears in an old and abondend facility. he lets his helmet form away from his face. he looks around as memories start flashing back. Years spent here being trained conditioned and tested on.

Jacob: and now its all gone.
Sanders *over helmet comm*: What's gone?

*OOC: Well Jacob is still technically a member of the Vanguard. It makes sense that Sanders would know if he was using an armour.*

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