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OOC: Reminds me of a more ballsy Janeway.. With a bit of Sisko.

I am gonna take over the procedure as I usually take the unsavory bits..

*The Procedure has started... The doctors are forced to rush it as they have no time... Miranda is confused.. and angry..*

Miranda: Damn idiots... Are they trying to kill him? We don't have time to rush off like this..

Doctor Mamora: I know you frustrations Doctor but we have to make sure this doesn't go wrong...

Doctor Zuniga take the moniter...

*The procedure is running and working for a time. *

*One of the attendants soon taps a few controls as strange nanites encompassed in some kind of gas into James' body... Making him convulse... and cough...*

Miranda: Doctor is he supposed to do that?

Mamora: **** he is going into some kind of shock... Whatever is in his system is freezing the virus but causing the Omega and its gas to flood the chamber... I cannot identify the substance...

Miranda: Damn... *She rushes to the door and forces it as most of the attendants evacuate... Except the Saboteur.. It removes its mask and changes its form into its blank and hideous form.. Sharp teeth..*

What the hell...

*As it lunges at her she takes a scapel and rams it into its neck and it falls over dead..*

*She gets up and can feel hr conciousness grow and James' as the gas grows more concentrated.. She grows weaker but she sees two tall children.. eyes deep metallic blue... A peaceful world and their power...*

What am I seeing...

*She barely reaches the emergency atmosphere cleanser to vent the gas... It starts clearing out the gas but they need to remove the nanites as the doctors rush the table and her... *

Mamora: Captain we had an intruder in the operation theater and a act of saboteur... The Admiral has rogue Nanites that we are clearing out.. but Miranda was exposed to what ever this substance this was.. It is organic but not a bacteria, virus, or protists I have seen.. This thing is accelerating the pregnancy and their Omega distributors... We need you down here... now..
Sam: On my way!

Security, report to Sickbay! We've had an intruder! All stations, Security Condition Yellow.

*The Yellow Alert Klaxon chimes and a Small security team meets Sam in Sickbay.*

Where's Doctor Andrews?

Andrews: Here, Captain.

*Sam walks over to Andrews, who's in the Iso-lab examining the Alien.*

Sam: This was the intruder?

Andrews: Yes sir. It's biology is incredible! I can't get any readings! It has energy dampening skin, and has a metamorphic cell structure, but aside from that, it's humanoid.

Sam: Doctor, what have you been able to tell?

Andrews: This thing disguised itself as Ensign Doran. I've got security looking for him now, but...

The creature also appears to be neutral blooded. It can adapt it's body temperature at will, as well as being able to disguise it's genetic coding.

I had to use a hand phaser to penetrate it's skin.

Sam: Doctor, I need to know how to detect these things.

Andrews: I'll keep you posted. Admiral Allen's in the next chamber. Put a breathing unit on before you go in, though.

Sam: Doctor, were the nanites--?

Andrews: Our friend here swapped them for something similar to Borg nanoprobes. I'm having a new set replicated, but...

Sir, the nanoprobes froze the virus, but it's going to work against us.

Sam: How?

Andrews: If I don't get the new nanites in soon, the disease will enter the contagious stage, and thyere's every chance that the nanoprobes will counteract the nanites.

Sam: Then remove them!

Andrews: We're working on it.

Sam: Good. Keep me posted.

*Sam starts to walk out, before Andrews walks alongside.*

Andrews: Captain, Commander Santiago spoke to me an hour ago.

Sam: Doctor.

Andrews: I'm not trying to defend him, but the crew has noticed a change in your personality. You're more formal, more taxing, and--

Sam: Are you getting anywhere close to a point?

Andrews: When was the last time you took shore leave?

Sam: Doctor, I know I'm a little testy, but I assure you--

Andrews: How long?

Sam: *Sighs* I don't know. 5 years? Maybe more?

Andrews: Then it's been too long.

Sam: Doctor, this ship is about to embark on a dangerous mission with minimal support from--

Andrews: Captain, in matters medical, I outrank everyone. Now, I am prescribing at least 12 hours recreation and relaxation. It will take at least that long to reach the 2nd Fleet anyway.

Do I need to make that an order?

Sam: What am I supposed to do aboard this ship for 12 hours?

Andrews: Read a book. Finish that novel you've been writing. Run a holo-program - I recommend program B5:TLT, Subheading: Voices in the Dark. Just do something to relax yourself.

Sam: Fine, I surrender.

*Sam walks into a turbolift.*

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