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I am delighted to announce that we are beginning a new mid-week initiative that will allow a small number of students to participate in makeup sessions and hopefully graduate in a timely manner. The first session will be Tuesday (12.3.2013) at 5pm EST and will cover only Stage 1 of the curriulum.

NOTE: This is a change of date. Originally, this was going to be held on Thursday the 6th, but due to inclement weather, we have decided to reschedule to next Tuesday.

Unfortunately, because there are only two coaches available to teach this session, we can only allow 18 students to register. Because of these limitations, only register if you are certain that you can show up. Otherwise a slot will be wasted.

I realize that this is a small beginning, but if there is enough interest in this mid-week option, then we will consider doing more mid-week sessions.

This makeup session is only offered in English and requires that you log in to the Boot Camp TeamSpeak.

To register, please respond to this thread with the following info:

1.In-Game @handle:
2.Career and Ship (e.g., Engineer/Negh'Var)


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