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03-05-2013, 09:08 AM
Actually, "Parallels" has been mentioned (ironically enough) multiple times. Each time, it's been ignored by those whose pet ideas about time travel don't include multiple universes.

As for changing ideas of how warp drive looks, we can start with the first pilot, with Jeffrey Hunter as Capt. Pike, where it was depicted as a sort of "stretching" in the vision of those on board, not unlike initial depictions of jump drive in the new Battlestar Galactica. The rest of TOS ignored the issue, other than those streaks that couldn't really have been stars; Gene's explanations included one variant where the ship actually entered a subspace realm where distances were much smaller, and the ship was effectively gigantic. (So, as you can see, nonsense technobabble isn't exactly original to TNG.)

The first movie gave us a circle of rainbow streaks; a similar sort of tunneling effect was used in TWOK, if I recall correctly (my copy went missing a few years back). I believe it was TNG that originated the idea of the visual effect being the ship stretching out, then snapping into a blue blaze with a loud "BOOM", like a New Gods Boom Tube. That became pretty much standard after that, because it looks cool; this game decided to accompany it with a pair of light-streaks, like your starship just peeled out (and, of course, the "temporary wormhole" effect of engaging transwarp).

So, as you can see, there have been a lot of variations on what it looks like when you go to warp, and the one chosen for the most recent move (probably chosen by the director of principal photography, whose job that is, rather than the movie's director, whose job involves the actors) is in fact a bit of a callback to the very first episode. Incidentally, it was also the director of photography (whose name escapes me) who was responsible for all the lens flare; he said he wanted to emphasize how shiny and new the ship was. Hopefully, that means that in the next one the lens flare is toned down a lot, since the Enterprise now has a few trillion miles on her...
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