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Originally Posted by ktip09 View Post
I too am trying to create an enemy race, and now that I have found out that you can't, I hope we can all get STO to give us this ability to make custom enemy races. Mine for instance would be an aquatic race. I will try some of the suggestions I'm seeing on these posts though, and any more ideas would be greatly appreciated....BY ALL OF US.
I have already created a couple of "new" alien races. You have to go into the costume editor, select "Alien" as the race, and really play around with all of the options, as there are quite a few. You can take the horns, tendrils, hair, different types of ears, combine them with the tattoos/scars, and make something unique. Play around with everything, including the colors.

Maybe the easiest way is to start out with the alien race for costume, then hit the "randomize all" to see some samples of what you can put together.

The only trick is, as said above, is that your new alien fights just like whatever base mob you used before you skin the costume over them. So you're limited in that regard, but it doesn't stop you from creating story based reasons why they fight/act the way they do. Sure there are still some limitations on what you can create.

Any new alien race can be believed by anyone so long as there's an explanation behind what makes them who they are. The player's imagination does the rest.

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