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Originally Posted by helixsunbringer View Post
I still find it hard that a fleet with 4 or less people is capable of getting a tier 5 shipyard that quickly. My fleet has about 20 active members and we still don't have a Tier 5 shipyard.
All it boils down to is resource. It is possible with large enough pocket book (or LOTS of playtime)

Remember EVERYthing in fleet takes X resources which can be obtain via ingame. Dilithium can be traded via Zen (especially with fluctuating market lately from 88 to 95 dil per zen) if you play the market, you could easily convert 6k zen to 30k dilithium profit with 5 dil/zen profit. (or 6k at a time selling at 91 and buying em back at 90)

The rest would be getting fleet marks and buying resources to fill out the rest.
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