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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
None, but then we've only had one game (at least, one that I am aware of) that we've been able to play as Klingons.
STO, the three Starfleet Commands, New Worlds, Armada, Klingon Academy - of course, the only one of those which is *solely* Klingon (which, given the context, might have been what you meant) is Klingon Academy, while New Worlds, the Starfleet Commands and Armada all allow you to play as Klingons, Federation *and* Romulans. Technically there's Birth of the Federation (Fed, Klinks and Rommies are all factions there) as well, but since it doesn't actually have a *story* (oh, and there's Klingon, but you're technically a Starfleet officer there, just one that is playing the role of a Klingon in a Klingon-oriented holo-simulation. Also, the game portion is a bit lacking)...

(I realize this comes a tad too late, but, well, no one seems to have commented on it before, and I might as well get around to make a first post on the forum sooner or later)

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