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Greetings to the STO forums! I have been playing Star Trek Online for over a year and it has been quite and enjoyable experience since. However, like many MMO's out there, there are still a great deal of things that can this game can improve on and/or perhaps even implement to change how people play the game. I know there are people out here in the forums that have great ideas that can expand this game into something more unique; hence the reason I created this thread. With this in mind, I'd like to share a few of my own ideas.

PvE Trading/Raiding: After playing both Federation and Klingon factions for an extensive period of time, I sum up my space/ground combat to something along these lines: Go into an instance, blow stuff up, tag/talk to a few panels/NPCs, and in a few rare instances, solve a few puzzles, and win. And maybe with time limits.

Above is the summary of how almost every encounter in STO goes. While there is nothing inherently wrong with tagging panels and blowing stuff up etc, there are a lot of things I like to do more than just fighting (aside from DOff missions).

So I ask the question: What if STO implemented high-risk trading/smuggling into the game, where your objective is to get across a certain cargo from point A to B (or C) for a high reward? The objective would be more 3D than just simply blowing up every enemy that crosses your path (because hopefully you can't in a cargo ship o_o). Rewards can also scale by difficulty level. PS, if you guys are curious, I do have a Tuffli...just cause.

And of course, you can't mention trading without pirating/raiding. While the Klingon side has hinted at some slight beginnings of raiding missions (Pi Canis daily repeatables/DOff missions), it would be awesome to see a full blown gameplay style where your objective is to disable (not destroy) and raid higher end goods whether it be from player cargo ships or NPCs. I know this is do-able with the engine they're using.

To be continued...