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A Picture Is worth a thousand words.

#1. Bring Minor, Major and Critical Components to Elite STF's (your not a hero, I don't care what kind of ship you fly.) I have yet to see ANYONE survive a shot that puts out more damage than a hull's hit points.
I think the worst are the ones that leave 9% or so of your hull and as you start heals and evasive the next shot gets ya.

#2 See #1 ^

#3 PLEASE, PLEASE work as a team. That means HEAL your team, focus fire power....etc
I try to throw a heal anytime I'm close enough to the person that needs it. Granted there are times when that's not and option or your a bit to late......but try

#4 10% rule. Although this only really applies to one STF, I think it's a GREAT way to play. It give's people that may not have your firepower the time to catch up, and enables everyone to focus firepower on the Nanite Transformer. sometimes the 10% is not going to happen( large crits....etc) and at that point help the other players catch up and then hustle to blow up the transformer, hopefully you can still make the optional.

#5 Work the same side. It allows for heals to be disturbed, firepower to be focused and things go MUCH faster.

#6 Stay 5k away from the dreadnaught. This can sometimes be a hard thing to
accomplish, try your best.

#7 Team Chat. Communication is important. I have seen SEVERAL posts where people complain about no one talking in STF's. As far as I know we have players from all over the globe playing, which means not everyone can speak or understand your language (despite what the universal translator would have us believe). The point is, if you do understand at least acknowledge so.

There are a lot more things I could list, these are the biggest things that I have seen first hand that can cause groups to fail either the optional or the STF in whole.

I'm not a elitist, crying, raging or anything like that I'm just trying to help
PUGS are a great thing as they provide a way to meet new people, some of which may be new friends, fleet mates or both.


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