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I won't claim to have had such terrible experiences as you guys- I think I just haven't run enough STF's to get a truly terrible team yet.

Instead I'll offer my closest.

I usually run Infected space because I figure, since there's no failure possibility due to nothing destructable and stuff, that I minimize the chance for idiocy. However, of course, my team is always too busy killing the nanite generators(in fact they often don't focus fire on them one at a time, lengthening the process) to notice the legions of nanite probes and spheres that keep coming through the gate. So, I valiantly break off and engage either in my raptor or odyssey (depending on what character I'm running- don't worry, my odyssey only runs one color of beams), but we end up failing the optional because I just can't kill all of them before they reach a repair point... than I get blamed for it. This also happens on Khitomer although usually it's a lot easier since it's just probes and not spheres.

But hey guys, I dunno about you, but usually I can tell if my team knows what they're doing within the first 5 minutes- doesn't that mean we can figure out what we're going to end up doing ahead of time?
Ah, since this was posted sometime back, I'm not sure if anyone has replied since, but I here's my 2 cents on this: While there is no way to fail the mission, there is a rule that most Infected Space Elite people go by called the "10% rule". Let me explain.

The 10% rule is where everyone picks a nanite generator and hits it to 10%-15%. Then you wait until the other 3 are also 10-15%. Following which everyone blows up ALL of the nanite generators at once - this way, with everyone focusing on the nanite transformer, there is no way all those nanite spheres (and/or probes on normal) will reach the transformer before it is blown to bits. You then proceed to clear all the spheres before doing the same to the other transformer.

The rest of the mission should be simple enough. Clear the spheres first, then focus down the gate - if the cube is chasing you, keep away from the gate to make sure that none of your teammates draw the aggro by accident and get popped. Also, it's a good note to keep about 8-10 km away from the gate, depending on where you're shooting it from (optimally from the side of the gate). Finish by killing the Tactical Cube and you're done!

Hope this helps!