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03-05-2013, 03:08 PM
Please make a public dev roadmap available. This game is so awesome and so vast that no one player giving commentary here can POSSIBLY know everything about it. So everytime I have an idea I want to share I am unsure if I'm just wasting Cryptic's time so I hold back. If you can share "some" of your roadmap changes without giving away any of the good info. It would help us to avoid wasting your time on mechanics and interface suggestions. -- Secondly.. this thread needs a house-keeping effort. I bet some of the ideas in here are already implemented.

Short Term:
Randomize the entry and exit points of planets and star systems. Like Sol and the various cross-over points. Ideally if you know where they "entered" the new location from you could use that as an three dimensional offset from "entry point zero" and make it a little more realistic.

Mid Term:
Sector Space Travel is kind of silly. The thing that is ruining my ability to overcome my disbelief is the MASSIVE amounts of ships flying about that are as large as star systems on the map. Here's my suggestion for this: a) make the camera position range go WAY out from ships in the sector space so that they can be tiny if you want to set it that way. b) start the camera at least twice as far away from the ship as usual, c) if at all possible make the scaling of OTHER objects in sector space relative to how far away they are. For example: If you're approaching Vulcan. Have Vulcan look tiny until you get within a few parsecs of it and then have it grow and grow until it dwarfs the player's ship and any other ships nearby. That would give the illusion that we're traveling VAST stretches of empty space an the scale of things feel more realistic.
Even if you only did A and B... you'd dramatically improve the feel of sector travel.

Long Term:
I'd like to be able to travel Sector Space from my bridge. That would really cool... then when an encounter was entered you could "go to tactical" and the starship combat mode is under way. At the very least with the scaling suggestion I made above you'd get rid of a lot of the "crowding" around the entry/exit points of the sectors and star systems.