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Originally Posted by redricky View Post

Do you think you could get by dropping the DBB altogether? You could bring the rear array to bear fairly easily for the target subs and then have 3 DHCs up front. Just a thought.

Also, if you're focused on engine drain have you tried out the TBR doff? If Omega is up they get hit with multiple pulses, all of which have a pretty high chance at an engine drain.
Being able to drain Engines and Sub-nuc without taking guns off target is more valuable than either being on Target with guns for a Nuc or taking the guns off target to target engines then getting back on target for a Nuc.

I have not tried the TBR DOff as I do not possess it, nor likely the EC to purchase it. I've no idea how useful it'd be, but I suspect it would be less useful than being able to keep all my power levels capped virtually all the time. I'll see about using it this evening, though I'm skeptical of its effectiveness.
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